Forlidas M.  – Mitrakou M.

Private School νόησις


Who we are

νόησις has a clear scientific identity:
Provides specialized teaching of philological courses

Why νόησις;

• 20 years of experience in the National Examinations
• High success rates in first preference Universities
• Absolute training and specialisation
• Counseling and Career Guidance

φροντιστήριο νόησις

Specialized Philological School

The courses are taught by professors who, in addition to years of experience and specialization, are themselves authors of books and scientific articles, give lectures and speeches in Greek and foreign universities

Forlidas M. – Mitrakou M.

διακοσμητικό στοιχείο

Educational Services

Weekly short written tests in each course (tests)
Monthly three-hour exams in the model of the Panhellenic examinations
Student Personal Online Progress Record
Free supporting teaching

Specialized Departments of Modern Greek Language/Literature for students of science,
economy and computer, as well as for technical education students

Small homogeneous (5-6 persons) / Closed 2-4 persons / Especially 1-2 persons

Classes of Lyceum & Post-Lyceum students

Classes of High School

"The good teacher is the one who spreads his hand in the child's soul and stimulates what each has"

(Miltos Kountouras)

News - Announcements

λογοτυπο που χρησιμοποιείται στα άρθρα


The Latin course returns to the nationally considered courses in the position of Sociology!
λογοτυπο που χρησιμοποιείται στα άρθρα

To parents

The positive course of the child presupposes mental health and maturity of the parents. ..

λογοτυπο που χρησιμοποιείται στα άρθρα

Why νόησις;

20 years experience in the national examinations Absolute specialization High percentages ..
λογοτυπο που χρησιμοποιείται στα άρθρα

We welcome you to noisis

“The good teacher is the one who extends his hand to the child’s soul and stimulates it.”
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