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The educational environment of νόησις / Establishment

Why did we establish the «νόησις»? Because at the heart of our educational philosophy is the students. As a distinct and self-contained personality who in this station so critical to the course of his/her life needs to discover first and foremost himself/herself, his/her abilities, his/her own distinct desires. To know who he/she is, what he/she really wants and how he/she can achieve it. Our many years of teaching experience taught us first and foremost that every student can achieve his or her goal, as long as he or she finds himself/herself in that educational environment that frees the power of the mind. In that environment in which, in order to remember Plutarch, the mind and the thought are not treated as a vessel to be filled, but as a fire to be lit. That’s why in August 2016 we established the “Noisis”. Because we believe in the power of «νόησις» and the spark that every child hides in him/her.


Specialized Departments of Modern Greek Language/Literature for students of science, economy and computer, as well as for technical education students

The courses are taught by professors who, in addition to years of experience and specialization, are themselves authors of books and scientific articles, give lectures and speeches in Greek and foreign universities
• Every year 85% of our students write more than 75% in the Modern Greek Course
• None of our students “lost” his/her first choice because of the Modern Greek Course
• Our students succeed in their first choice (Medical, Legal, Military Schools, Psychology, Polytechnic, etc.) writing excellent in the Modern Greek Course

Ancient Greek Language

Modern Greek Language




Online courses

Ancient Greek language


Ancient Greek language and literature: •   develops critical thinking • central values such as humanism, political freedom, democracy, critical reflection are at the heart of the ancient Greek literature and never lose their important place in European culture • knowledge of ancient Greek language offers a fuller linguistic awareness and a deeper understanding of modern Greek language …and for even more reasons you will discover by loving the ancient Greek language, our language, in the νόησις



Taking history lessons in νόησις means: • εdeepening
• understanding
• analysis  
Because History requires:
sharpening critical and subtractive capacity
• teaching by those who know and can talk about it. Responsible and effective!

Counseling and Career Guidance

Through daily and uninterrupted contact with our students, we listen to their concerns and anxieties, but at the same time recognize in their eyes the spark of creation, the momentum of their youth and their creative curiosity. The least we have to offer them is comprehensive and responsible information.

The question that concerns them, which often torments them and which is sometimes expressed explicitly and sometimes inextricably, is ‘What should I do?’ We believe they’ll find the answer themselves.

Our unchanging debt and responsibility is to show them roads, to open horizons for them. But the most important thing is to help them get to know themselves. Because their selves is going to tell them what can really make them happy and smiling citizens. That is, complete people. And that’s our goal.
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